CNC machining

About us- Société des Plastiques Nobles (SPN)

PTFCE molding (PCTFE , Voltalef )
machining gasket and Teflon tape

History and craft

Created in 1938 by aeronautics engineer Louis Ulmer, the company has been expanding in two main areas :

Then comes 1970 when the two activities got separated.

SPN builds on its expertise and keeps growing in the transformation of high performance engineering plastic business (PEEK, PEK, PAEK, POLYIMIDES, PBI, PPO, PF, PEI, PAI, PES, PPS, PSU…).

The exceptional physicochemical qualities make those engineering plastics perfectly adaptable to high-tech sectors use such as aerospace, medical, transportation (automobiles, railway), chemical engineering, electronics and connections, mechanics, nuclear and cryogenics.

SPN is the European leader in transforming and machining PTFCE (PCTFE, Voltalef ®, KEL-F  ®, Neoflon ®), a plastic adapted for sealing at cryogenic temperatures.

SPN vocation is to become the leader in the manufacturing of all plastics which uses are difficult and extreme (high temperatures, cryogenics, explosive gas, corrosive chemical products, humidity…).