semi-products storage

Custom made ...

CNC machining
precision machining


Supplying technical plastic resins, manufacturing compounds and mixtures upon request (PTFE filled with bronze, stainless steel, carbon, glass…).

Manufacturing and marketing semi-finished plastics molding (PTFE, PTFCE, FEP, PFA, ECTFE, ETFE, PC, PPS, PEEK, POLYIMIDE ….) as plaques, strips, tubes, rods or films…

Extruding PCTFE from a diameter of 8 to 20 mm.

Offering customer stocks management, timed deliveries, supplying plan, specific packaging.

Offering coatings, overmolding and integration creep for our materials.

Manufacturing semi-finished plastics, tubes, strips, rods, films, plaques, drafts or beads:

  • Through compression / molding (sintering)
  • Through injection
  • Through overmolding (metal inserts)
  • Through extrusion

SPN performs chemical processing operations (PTFE bondable treatment), thermic operations (firing cycle, stabilization cycle…) and the finishing of the semi-products (rectification, cutting, finishing…).

Machining precision plastic parts

Producing machined parts according to plans, from prototype to chain.

Undercutting :

  • CNC and traditional turning (3 axes)
  • CNC and traditional drilling (5 axes)

SPN peforms the assembling, finishing, controlling and packaging operations of its parts.