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Relations and parterships

With 70 years of knowledge in transforming and machining technical plastics, SPN expertise in the plastics processing field allows the company to advise its clients in the study and processes of its plastics transformation.

Thus SPN is recognized by its clients for its Excellency in three fields :

  • Listening and satisfying its clients’ needs
  • Great technical knowledge
  • Speed and quality of execution

SPN has partnerships with a Research and Development lab, universities and engineering schools renowned in the material field.

For many years, through its clients, SPN has been very involved in European civilian and military aeronautical programs. SPN is part of GIFAS and is participating to the sector’s industrial performance program.

SPN also has clients present in the automobile sector, this is why SPN integrated the RAVI in 2015 (lien). With its material offer, SPN wishes to participate to the vehicle lightering in the « clean vehicles » project.

SPN exports 25% of its production, particularly to Germany.