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Research and Development

Based on its history, SPN is one of the first companies to transform and machine Teflon® (PTFE) for fighter pilot masks. Since then, SPN has invested in research and development to improve the processing of fluoroplastics and all high-performance polymers afterwards. In recent years, we have developed new transformation processes adapted to high performances plastics:

  • the extrusion of the PCTFE,
  • the moulding of Polyimide and other engineering plastics,
  • an CAM, etc.

With the arrival related to digitalization and more generally to the transformation 4.0 of the industry, SPN is part of the “SPACE – Industrial Performance 2” program of GIFAS. The GIFAS is the French aeronautical Aerospace Industries Association. In a few months, this program has significantly improved our industrial performance and opened new development projects for the coming years.