PA6.6 Material (Polyamide)

Key features:

  • Low price
  • Good mechanical properties, resistance to fatigue *
  • Good behavior in heat and cold
  • Significant humidity recovery

PA or polyamide is a broad category where DEMGY SPN only machines the following materials for industrial applications: PA6 and PA6.6.

The polyamide also exhibits high mechanical strength, high wear resistance, good electrical and chemical properties. These qualities make polyamide a material of choice for many industries. PA 6 is, for example, very much in demand in the manufacture of products that require very high strength, such as engineering parts, fibers, etc. The automotive industry also uses this plastic to manufacture gears, fittings, etc. It is nevertheless important to take into account that this polymer is sensitive to humidity which alters the dimensional and mechanical characteristics, it is important to take precautions with regard to the storage of parts.

Trade names: Nylon® (Dupont); Rilsan® (Arkema)

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Component in technical plastic
Composants plastiques pour les vannes et les pompes
Composant pour l'aeronautique

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