Technical plastics for cryogenics

Technical plastics for cryogenics

For industrial cryogenics, DEMGY SPN manufactures plastic resistant to very low temperatures mainly in PCTFE and Polyimide. These engineering plastics are mainly used in the gas, chemical and space industries because of there long-term resistance to temperatures below -180°C. These plastics have improved the performance of industrial equipments and are now the main material use for sealing solution in these sectors.

The PCTFE is one of the best material in valve and seals in cryogenic temperature as this material has low gas permeability, chemical stability and resist at temperature below -200°C.

Our company provides to most of the european cryogenic industrial companies in seal and gaskets. DEMGY SPN is expert in the transformation and maching of these high performances plastics. In addition, we support our customers in their research and development efforts by offering high-precision machining techniques, reduced environmental impact and ever lighter and more efficient plastic materials.

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Composant en PCTFE pour la cryogénie
Seal gasket in PCTFE
Plastic component for cryonenics application

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