Who are we ?

DEMGY SPN, who are we?

Created in 1938 by aeronautics engineer Louis Ulmer, the company has been expanding in two main areas:

  • The aeronautics industry (manufacturing fighter pilot masks, manufacturing runway lighting parts)
  • The transformation of natural or filled fluorinated resins (PTFE, PTFCE (Voltalef ®, KEL-F ®, Neoflon ®), PFA, FEP, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF, Teflon ®, Tefzel ®, Halar ®…)

Then comes 1970 when the two activities got separated.

SPN builds on its expertise and keeps growing in the transformation of high performance engineering plastic business (PEEK, PEK, PAEK, POLYIMIDES, PBI, PPO, PF, PEI, PAI, PES, PPS, PSU…).

The exceptional physicochemical qualities make those engineering plastics perfectly adaptable to high-tech sectors use such as aerospace, medical, transportation (automobiles, railway), chemical engineering, electronics and connections, mechanics, nuclear and cryogenics.

SPN is the European leader in transforming and machining PTFCE (PCTFE, Voltalef ®, KEL-F ®, Neoflon ®), a plastic adapted for sealing at cryogenic temperatures.

DEMGY SPN vocation is to become the leader in the manufacturing of all plastics which uses are difficult and extreme (high temperatures, cryogenics, explosive gas, corrosive chemical products, humidity…).


Listening and customer service

Listening and customer service

Engage and innovate

Engage and innovate







Charter and commitments

DEMGY SPN is a responsible and socially responsible company that is committed to and with all of its partners (customers, suppliers and institutions).

Conflict minerals policy statement

In accordance with the article 1502 of the Dodd-Frank law (Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act), DEMGY SPN commits itself not to use in its manufacturing, minerals coming from conflict zones and which represent an important financial source for rebel groups in East Africa.

Certificat Reach

In accordance with the European regulations, DEMGY SPN registers its materials or tonnage components superior to a ton a year. DEMGY SPN guarantees the absence in its products, to a concentration superior to 0.1% , of materials identified as Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) listed in the « Candidate List Reach »


The quality of our products is at the heart of the concerns of employees working for DEMGY SPN. Components are checked at the beginning of manufacture and throughout production to ensure that components delivered to customers meet their specifications and requirements. It is thanks to this concern that our company has been able to develop and produce critical components in many high tech sectors.

DEMGY SPN has been certified EN 9100 and ISO 9001 for many years to meet the requirements of our customers in industry and aeronautics:

Research and Development

Based on its history, DEMGY SPN is one of the first companies to transform and machine Teflon® (PTFE) for fighter pilot masks. Since then, DEMGY SPN has invested in research and development to improve the processing of fluoroplastics and all high-performance polymers afterwards. In recent years, we have developed new transformation processes adapted to high performances plastics:

  • the extrusion of the PCTFE,
  • the moulding of Polyimide and other engineering plastics,
  • an CAM, etc.

With the arrival related to digitalization and more generally to the transformation 4.0 of the industry, DEMGY SPN is part of the “SPACE – Industrial Performance 2” program of GIFAS. The GIFAS is the French aeronautical Aerospace Industries Association. In a few months, this program has significantly improved our industrial performance and opened new development projects for the coming years.

SPN spécialiste des polymères florés

Classification of high performances plastics

Our materials are mainly used for:

  • Very low temperatures (cryogenics): they ensure impermeability with very good mechanical performance and low gas permeability (PTFCE, PCTFE, Voltalef ®, KEL-F ®, Neoflon ®, etc).
  • Very high temperatures: they allow high mechanical, chemical or electrical performances with a much lower density than metal (PTFE, POLYIMIDE, VESPEL®, PFA, PEEK, PPS, etc).
  • Their resistance to chemicals: they allow a good resistance to basic and acidic solutions (PTFE, PVDF, PFA, etc.).

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Our references

DEMGY SPN owes its success to all its customers who have trusted us for more than 80 years. Our team is working to satisfy them by improving our performance and meeting new challenges.

We have built ourselves with French industrial customers. DEMGY SPN has then developed itself in Europe. Today, we are working all over the world and we want to become the trusted partner in high-performance plastics for manufacturers with critical applications.

Companies which have trusted us:

air liquide
dassault aviation
elring klinger
fives ultimate machines, ultimate factory
safran, aerospace, defence, security

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