PCTFE / PTFCE extrusion

PCTFE / PTFCE extrusion

DEMGY SPN has developed the extrusion of PCTFE (or PTFCE / KEL-F / Voltalef), a plastic material suitable for cryogenic applications. The extrusion process continuously transforms this material and allows longer bar lengths with a homogeneous process. The bars can therefore be produced for a diameter between 7 and 20 mm for a length of 1 or 2 meters (3 meters on request).

This process is used for specific PCTFE manufacturing:

  • Large volumes of components
  • CNC machines
  • Material suitable for low temperatures for excellent sealing and very high mechanical performance
  • Possibility of supplying bars or machining them ourselves to produce components adapted to your specifications.

Extruded PCTFE is used in many applications requiring low gas permeability in cold environments, especially for seals or complex components for cryogenic applications.

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