Polyimide Material (Vespel)

Key features:

  • Very wide operating temperature range
  • Wear resistance
  • Low friction coefficient

Polyimide, abbreviated PI, is a polymer with a crystalline and infusible structure that does not have a glass transition temperature or an observable melting point below the composition temperature estimated at more than 500°C. There are different grades of polyimide and this technical plastic material can be a thermoset (compression molded) or a thermoplastic (injected).

Polyimide is often referred to as Vespel, the trade name of Dupont.

Polyimide is highly appreciated for its excellent resistance to impact, wear, creep and friction. This plastic is also chemically inert even in contact with refrigerant, lubricant, kerosene, chlorinated solvents and grease. It is also an excellent thermal and electrical insulator thanks to its low dielectric coefficient. PI is also prized for its near-zero moisture absorption rate, its resistance to the effects of degassing, its powerful cryogenic properties down to – 196°C, its endurance to thermal oxidation and its perfect resistance to radiation.

Polyimide is mainly used for its resistance to high temperatures up to 340°C.

Trade names: Vespel ® (Dupont); P84 ® NT (Evonik); Dexnyl ® (BG).

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Composant plastique en vespel polyimide
Vespel component polyimide
Film en polyimide

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