PES Material (Polyethersulfone)

Key features:

  • Dimensional stability at high temperatures.
  • Compatible for use at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Good resistance to radiation, X-rays, beta and gamma rays.

PES or polyethersulfone is a thermoplastic of the sulphur family. It has exceptional dimensional stability and is resistant to high temperatures, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Also resistant to creep and shock, even at temperatures as low as -100°C. This plastic retains its properties with such low temperature. It also resists a tensile strength of 76 N/mm² at a temperature of 180°C. Even when subjected to a very low temperature, above 200°C, PES retains its electrical properties as well. Despite its fragility under the action of UV rays, PES has good resistance to beta and X radiation, as well as good chemical resistance. It is also a perfect electrical insulator. This material also has a good dielectric constant.

PES is an ideal material for applications that require good dimensional stability. This polymer is used in the manufacture of mechanical parts such as valve pistons, pump housings, etc. The good compatibility of PES with chemicals and its good hydrolysis resistance make it a useful element in the medical industry, particularly in the manufacture of anaesthesia equipment or for dialysis machine control plates. Some electrical and plumbing appliances also include PES for hot water distributors, faucets and filtration systems that are resistant to oxidation.

Trade names: Lapex® (Lati); Veradel® (Solvay).

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PES en moulage par compression
PES plastique chargé
PES plastique

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