PEEK Material (polyetheretherketone), PEKK Material, PAEK Material

Key features:

  • Resistance to creep, fatigue and impact
  • Low density compared to metals
  • High operating temperature
  • High resistance to high energy radiation

PEEK or polyetheretherketone is a thermoplastic used in many industrial sectors that require mechanical and chemical resistance, such as in the aeronautics, automotive, medical, electronics or semiconductor industries. In the aerospace industry, for example, this material is used to replace metal components.

It is resistant to a constant temperature of 250°C. PEEK also has long-term chemical and hydrolysis resistance. Even under high temperature conditions, it is resistant to creep. This plastic is also very resistant to wear and abrasion. It also benefits from low moisture absorption and a low coefficient of friction.

PEKK and PEAK are two materials similar to PEEK but with superior mechanical and thermal properties.

Trade names: Grade 450 (Victrex®); Vestakeep® (Evonik), Kepstan® (Arkema).

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Composant PEEK
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