PPS Material (Polysulfure de phénylène)

Key features:

  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Non-flammable

PPS or Polysulfide of phenylene is a polymer with very high thermal stability.

This semi-crystalline plastic has exceptional mechanical properties that make it a good alternative to metals and thermoset plastics. Indeed, PPS not only has a high resistance to high temperature, but it also has an extremely high chemical resistance. It can therefore resist creep, even at very high temperatures. PPS is used in the manufacture of parts for various fields thanks to its electrical and dielectric properties and excellent dimensional stability. PPS is also a good electrical insulator. PPS is resistant to UV, gamma and neutron radiation as well as ozone.

PPS is used in the automotive industry for the manufacture of turbo parts and components. But other sectors also use this material, such as the construction of gas recycling valves or purifiers.

The trade names are: Ryton® (Solvay), Fortron® (Celanese).

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Composant en PPS chargé 40% fibre de verre
PPS Ryton

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