PEI Material (Polyetherimide)

Key features:

  • Good dimensional stability at high temperature.
  • High mechanical and dielectric rigidity.
  • Transparency.

PEI or polyetherimide is a very resistant and rigid thermoplastic. It has exceptional thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. Possessing the same qualities as polyarysulfones, this material resists to creep at high temperatures. This characteristic allows a high temperature and continuously use. Due to its high dielectric strength, this polymer is very strong, resistant to heat and tensile stress in the range of 40 N/mm² at 175°C with a bending modulus of elasticity of 2300 N/mm². It is inert in contact with most hydrocarbons, in addition to methylene chloride and trichloroethane, which are halogenated hydrocarbons.

With its qualities, the PEI plastic is used only in specific applications. For example, it is widely used in the manufacture of medical imaging equipment. Excellent frequency insulation, highly resistant to high energy radiation, this plastic is also highly used for the manufacture of precision and high-performance parts in the electronics, chemical, energy and aeronautics industries.

The trade names are: ULTEM ®.

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PEI en moulage par compression
Composant en PEI
Machined PEI component

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