PFA Material (perfluoroalkoxy)

Key features:

  • Anti-adhesion
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Electrical insulator

PFA or perfluoroalkoxy is a fluoropolymer with properties similar to PTFE. Thanks to its excellent heat resistance, it can be used over a wide temperature range from -220°C to 260°C. It also has excellent chemical resistance, as does PTFE. This plastic remains unalterable under the action of acids, ketones, bases, hydrocarbons and alcohols. It is also appreciated for its “secondary” characteristics such as its low dielectric constant, its resistance to UV rays and its almost zero moisture absorption property: < 0.01%.

Like all thermoplastic polymers, PFA can be compression molded, extruded or pulled (for tube or pipe manufacturing). It is for example, the pharmaceutical industry or the semiconductor industry for fluid processing applications, the implementation of which requires very low moisture absorption levels. The PFA can also be used for electrical applications due to its low electrical constant. PFA coatings are also used in hostile environments subject to specific mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses.

Trade names are: Teflon®PFA (Chemours); Fluon®PFA (AGC), Dyneon®PFA (3M).

This material is FDA compliant upon request.

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Ebauche en PFA
Composant en PFA plastique
Moulage par compression PFA

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