Since 1938, DEMGY SPN has been developing plastics for the most critical uses : Such as high temperatures,
cryogenics, explosive gas, corrosive chemical products and humidity…

SPN expert in transformation of high performance plastic

DEMGY SPN is a major participant in transforming and machining high-performance plastic parts (very low temperatures to very high temperatures) such as PTFE – PCTFE – PFA – FEP – ETFE – PVDF – PEEK – PSU – PPS – PAI – PEI – PI – PA – POLYIMIDES and other engineering plastics.

From prototype to large series, DEMGY SPN listens and adapts to its client needs for the transformation and the machining of high performance plastics.

Customer loyalty is one of our core values and our team is constantly working to improve our customer service, our performance, our responsiveness, and our competitiveness.

SPN specialist of fluoropolymer

Who are we ?

Created in 1938 by aeronautics engineer Louis Ulmer, the company has been expanding in two main areas : The aeronautics…

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SPN expert en plastiques haute performance

Our materials

DEMGY SPN is a specialist in the manufacture of parts in engineering plastics , says “plastic noble” or plastics at high…

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SPN spécialiste du PCTFE extrudé

Our processes

Manufacturing and marketing semi-finished plastics molding as plaques, strips, tubes, rods or films…

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