The result of a unexpected discovery, PTFE TEFLON is one of the most widely used high-performance materials in the industry. More than 80 years after that discovery, the TEFLON™ brand continues to affirm the undeniable quality for this material. Today, PTFE has become common product and many producers have their own manufacturing and brands. Nevertheless, the Teflon brand is a guarantee of high quality especially for critical components. Our company offers TEFLON PTFE material or other PTFE materials depending on the application and industry.

The TEFLON™ trademark was registered in 1945, a few years after the surprising discovery of TEFLON PTFE by Dr. Roy J. Plunkett and his colleagues for the Dupont de Nemours Company. The 27-year-old scientist accidentally discovered PTFE while working on another project to develop a new refrigerant. Since then, this material has been used to develop numerous innovations.

Due to its outstanding properties, polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE continues to be used in many different sectors. The most well-known application is certainly the coating of kitchen utensils, especially cooking pans. This polymer is also widely used in high-tech industries such as aeronautics and space. After the first commercialization of TEFLON PTFE products in 1946, other fluoropolymers were created, including the famous TEFZEL™ ETFE, TEFLON FEP and TEFLON PFA.

Thanks to its mastery of TEFLON processing and machining techniques, SPN has become and remains a key partner for manufacturers. In aeronautics, for example, PTFE products manufactured by SPN are used for fighter pilots oxygen masks. Thanks to the remarkable properties of PTFE, it is used to manufacture many reliable and high-performance products for countless applications in other sectors such as medicine, the chemical industry and the energy sector. PTFE is a raw material with countless possibilities. In addition to its good chemical inertness, it has a relatively low coefficient of friction, excellent moisture resistance and does not age quickly. PTFE TEFLON is also highly resistant to UV radiation and is non-toxic and non-flammable. Finally, the temperature range of use of this polymer is high as it withstands temperatures from cryogenic to 250°C.

PTFE TEFLON is already a very powerful material in terms of properties and can be combined (compounded) with other components to improve its performance. For example, SPN offers PTFE compounded with carbon fiber, glass fiber, bronze or graphite. Depending on your needs, other compounds can be offered.

Whatever your project or your needs in high performance components, contact our team so that we can guide you towards the right materials to use.

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