VESPEL® material

VESPEL® material

VESPEL® polyimide has become the first choice for high performance materials. Developed in 1965, it is ideal for use in the most aggressive and extreme industrial environments. This material can also withstand cryogenic or high temperatures, high friction and heavy loads.

VESPEL® : a high performance material

VESPEL® is a high-performance polymer manufactured by the DuPont™ Company. Originally developed in partnership with NASA, this composite material belongs to the polyimide family. It has properties that allow it to withstand the most extreme geometric, mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. It has a long service life, even under stressful conditions such as tribology, radiation and high temperatures.

VESPEL® composite materials are available in 5 distinct families to cover a wide range of possibilities and meet a variety of applications. The properties of this high-performance plastic make it a material in great demand in highly demanding environments. VESPEL® is particularly appreciated in the aeronautics, space, automotive, nuclear, electrical, chemical, cryogenic, textile, glass and semiconductor industries.

These synthetic polymers can be used in continuous temperature extremes from -270°C to 315°C, with peaks of 550°C. They promote increased system life, energy efficiency and reliability. Their use reduces the size and weight of components, resulting in parts that are much lighter than those made of metal, ceramics or other standard engineering plastics. VESPEL® is very strong and can also withstand heavy loads and high pressures.

SPN machines the DuPont™ VESPEL® line to meet your needs

First, SPN can advise you on which high-performance polymers meet your specifications and technical constraints. For example, VESPEL is the polymer that best withstands high temperatures under pressure.

VESPEL® polyimide materials are currently available in 3 different raw forms: bars, tubes and sheets and are machined in our plant according to our customers’ specifications.

As a specialist in the processing and machining of high performance plastics, SPN can meet all your needs for VESPEL® polyimides. Our expertise allows us to customize parts and sub-assemblies. We are at your service for the manufacture of prototypes and for small, medium or large-scale production.

We use several processes to ensure your complete satisfaction. In addition to Vespel® polyimides, our customers also rely on us for the processing and machining of many other high performance polymers, including PTFE, PCTFE / PTFCE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PEEK, PSU, PPS, PAI, PEI.

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