Tefzel™ is a brand of ETFE or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene resins produced by Dupont. This material is also known under the brand names Neoflon® ETFE by Daikin, Fluon® by Asahi Glass Company, and Texlon® by Vector Foiltec. This thermoplastic fluoropolymer is widely used in the building industry and is appreciated by architects as well as manufacturers. Its good light transmission and wear resistance are two of its most valued properties.

What are the different properties of ETFE?

When we talk about ETFE, we think mainly about its incredible resistance, especially to stress cracking and temperature variations. Indeed, this material is able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -80°C to 155°C. In addition, ETFE can perfectly withstand heavier loads, up to 400 times its own weight.

In addition to its excellent chemical resistance, ETFE is distinguished by its semi-crystalline appearance. It is an excellent alternative to glass, which weighs more than ETFE. Moreover, ETFE has a density of 1.7, half that of glass. Moreover, ETFE is also a 100% recyclable material. This is why it is widely used in construction. SPN produces ETFE only for industry and not for construction.

ETFE is used in many different fields. It is used in the manufacture of fittings, pumps and valves. It is also widely used in the manufacture of coatings and various seals.

SPN is a specialist in ETFE processing

SPN is a company specializing in the machining and processing of various high-performance plastic materials, including ETFE, FEP, PVDF, PFA and PSU. To transform these materials, our team uses various techniques such as compression molding but also extrusion. For the machining of semi-finished products, we use three methods, including turning, milling and cutting.

At SPN, our workshop is equipped with both conventional and digital equipment to guarantee the completion of your work. Our teams carry out your orders for standard or specific parts according to the characteristics you indicate in your specifications. To design custom parts, we use a computer-assisted 3D manufacturing process. Depending on the difficulty and technical specifications of the product, our experts choose the most suitable manufacturing process.

SPN can design ETFE parts that meet all your requirements and needs. Let’s talk about your project together and we will produce high performance products, however specific they may be. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and our expertise, we can meet your delivery deadlines. For more information on our ETFE offers, we provide you with all our contact details and an online contact form.

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