Voltalef 302

Voltalef 302

Voltalef® 302, also known as PCTFE, belongs to the family of fluoropolymers and is used in the manufacture of products for sealing and cryogenic applications. Voltalef® is a product with outstanding properties and is therefore included in SPN’s product portfolio, along with the Kel-F® and Neoflon® brands.

The outstanding properties of Voltalef

Voltalef® PCTFE is a brand of the French chemical group ARKEMA. It is a group that works specifically in performance materials and more particularly in specialty chemicals. Voltalef® PCTFE products have been created and sold by this group for over 40 years.

Like all PCTFEs, Voltalef® products have exceptional properties compared to PTFE (Teflon®). They are especially appreciated in many sectors due to their thermal resistance:

  • a temperature range between -255 °C and 150 °C
  • high mechanical strength compared to PTFE, especially when used in compression with very low creep
  • a good density, a low rate of deformation, thus extremely resistant to compression and shock,
  • a flammability rate close to zero,
  • good chemical inertia: Voltalef® is resistant to most mineral and organic reagents,
  • good resistance to UV and X-ray radiation
  • a very low temperature permeability to liquids, humidity and gases.

ARKEMA currently produces several types of Voltalef® : Voltalef® telomers, presented in the form of fats and oils (Voltalef® 300 series) or Voltalef® in the form of granules and powder, intended for compression and extrusion processes (Voltalef® 302 and Voltalef® 402).

Voltalef® provides high performance products for various applications

Voltalef® 302 can be processed and machined in several ways:

  • Compression molding produces parts with excellent mechanical and chemical properties because of the slow and homogeneous cooling process,
  • Extrusion allows to obtain longer rods (2 meters in standard and up to 3 meters). Extrusion is done with a diameter of 8 to 20 mm.

Thanks to these processes, Voltalef® can be used to manufacture reliable, high-performance products for critical sectors such as cryogenics, chemical engineering, the military, electricity, aerospace and aeronautics, as well as in the medical sector.

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