Like the Kel-F® and Neoflon® brands, ARKEMA’s Voltalef® brand is one of the materials used by SPN. As with all products derived from the processing of PCTFE, Voltalef® inherits the exceptional properties of PCTFE. As a result, Voltalef® provides SPN with reliable, high-performance products for a wide range of applications, including cryogenics and anything that uses sealants.

Taking advantage of Voltalef’s extraordinary properties

ARKEMA’s products are often used in the specialty chemicals sector. The genesis of ARKEMA began in the early 1940s with the synthesis of plastics. In the 1980s, the innovative product Voltalef® was introduced with the performance and reliability of PCTFE: Voltalef® is derived from chlorotrifluoroethylene polymer.

The main specificity of Voltalef® is its performance at cryogenic temperatures and its good resistance in the presence of oxygen. Currently, there are two types of Voltalef® products on the market: Voltalef® telomer, in the form of fats, and Voltalef® polymers in powder or granular form. The latter are intended to be processed with various machining processes.

Voltalef® products inherit the outstanding properties of polychlorotrifluoroethylene:

  • high performance at extremely low temperatures: Voltalef® has a temperature range of -255 °C to 150 °C,
  • Voltalef® has good mechanical strength: it resists well in compression, notably with very low creep,
  • a good density and a very low deformation rate: it can resist impact and compression,
  • an almost zero flammability rate, a good chemical inertia, a good resistance to X-rays and UV radiation, an almost zero permeability rate, especially at very low temperatures,
  • impervious to moisture, liquids, vapors and gases.

Many sectors benefit from the performance of Voltalef products

The good thermoplasticity of Voltalef® allows the manufacture of high performance parts for many applications. This makes processing and treatment of Voltalef® really easy. SPN can process Voltalef® in several ways:

  • Compression molding to produce specific parts with all the mechanical characteristics of PCTFE
  • Extrusion for the manufacture of long rod (2 meters in length as standard)
  • machining of semi-finished products to obtain products specific to a given sector or a specific application

According to the needs, SPN masters all these transformation processes in order to obtain efficient products for many sectors: cryogenics, chemical industry, aerospace, aeronautics or even the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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