Among the commercial names of polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF, we distinguish Kynar®. It is the brand name of the Arkema Group, a company specialized in specialty chemicals and performance materials. Through innovation, this company has been able to exploit all the exceptional properties of PVDF to create a range of Kynar® materials.

Kynar® inherits all the properties of polyvinylidene fluoride

One of Arkema’s flagship products, Kynar®, is derived from polyvinylidene fluoride. Many other variants of Kynar® polymers have been developed to easily adapt to different applications. Kynar® is one of the materials processed by SPN because PVDF has excellent properties that can make machined parts perform very well. Among other properties, polyvinylidene fluoride is a semi-crystalline material with unmatched chemical inertness. Its chemical resistance and stability make PVDF an ideal material for the manufacture of parts for demanding and delicate industrial sectors. Indeed, polyvinylidene fluoride, and therefore Kynar®, is perfectly resistant to most chemical agents: mineral bases, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatics, acids, alcohols and other chlorinated and halogenated solvents. On the other hand, the use of highly basic solutions such as ketones and esters is not recommended for polyvinylidene fluoride materials.

Like polyvinylidene fluoride, Kynar® is also resistant to UV radiation, sunlight and radiation. Gas impermeable and non-stick, PVDF also resists abrasion and friction, and has excellent resistance to aging. Finally, the properties of parts machined with Kynar® remain stable when exposed to extreme temperatures. The service temperature of Kynar® is estimated to be between -20°C and 130°C. Kynar® only degrades above 175°C.

Kynar® is used in many applications

Kynar® PVDF, like other similar materials such as Solef® or Dyneon®, can be easily machined. In general, the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, aeronautical and space industries use parts made with Kynar®. SPN can, for example, supply them with tanks, piping parts or protective barriers made from Kynar®. But it is also a material that we come across every day, without realizing it. For example, Kynar® can be found in the electronics sector, as Kynar® is an exceptional insulator. It can also be used to make piezoelectric elements.

At SPN, we master the transformation of materials such as Kynar®. Our expertise allows us to machine different parts, no matter how specific they are. Depending on your specifications, we use different techniques to obtain the part or parts you need. SPN can provide you with entirely unique and personalized parts. Among other things, thanks to our high-performance machinery, we can use material extrusion, molding and compression. In addition, we also have other equipment for a better finishing of our parts, especially for semi-finished products: SPN has various machines for turning, milling and cutting.

No matter what your industry is and what parts you need, entrust your project to SPN. We can meet all your requirements to manufacture parts that meet your expectations.

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