PEI molding

PEI compression molding

PEI molding

Information on the PEI molding at SPN

SPN carries out PEI molding operations for all types of semi-finished products or blanks. For the shaping of your parts we have a wide range of molds at our disposal in order to offer our customers the most accurate parts in the desired dimensions. We produce tubes, bars or plates with the lowest possible scrap, costs and carbon footprint. Our tubes are part of this process of optimizing resources and costs compared to traditional solid bars. The blanks produced can then be machined by the customer or by us.

The PEI offers many advantages. This rigid and resistant thermoplastic has remarkable mechanical, electrical and thermal properties and offers excellent creep resistance at high temperatures. This quality allows its continuous high-temperature processing. This plastic is heat resistant and has a tensile strength equivalent to 40 N/mm² at 175 °C with a flexural modulus of elasticity of 2300 N/mm². It offers inertness in contact with the majority of non-halogenated hydrocarbons. 

PEI is used in specific industries and applications. Insulating at frequencies and high energy radiation, it is used in the manufacture of medical imaging equipment and in the manufacture of precision parts for the aeronautics, energy, electronics and chemical industries.

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